Disaster Strikes!


This morning I was woken up to the words “Mummy it’s been cut”…

Remember this cute little maxi I made my daughter last year? It was the very first piece of clothing I ever made, in fact I think it was the second thing ever made after the basic pin cushion I made. Well this morning my little girl woke me up by telling me that ‘it’ had been cut. I looked at my husband and said, “What do you think that means!?”. I pulled myself out of bed and went down to the living room to find a pair of scissors and the maxi chopped in half beside it! My eldest son had grabbed the scissors from the draw and decided to hack the dress in half! And when I say hack I mean hack. There was no planning and execution; it was just destroyed!

I would have thought that my baby girl would have been devastated over the find but in fact she was uber cool about it and just said that now it was a lovely dress for her Big Ted – which then made me think that she, quite possibly may have had something to do with it. She’s a pretty clever little girl so it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if she told him to do it in the first place!

I’ve always believed that children should be exposed to the use of knives (minus big kitchen knives!) and scissors; it teaches them to handle them carefully and correctly and eradicates the want to use them as it’s not a forbidden item … until today this theory of mine has always worked very well – my three kids always handle scissors and knives with care and use them responsibly, we’ve never had a disaster until today….well I suppose it was always going to happen at some point and I’m grateful that it was the dress and not her hair!

So tonight I’m going to hem the now mini-maxi so that Big Ted can benefit from the dress from now on.




Mission Accomplished

Finished! Just after midnight last night I managed to finally finish the Hello Birdie Pillow. I think it has come up very well – the pattern is very easy to understand, it’s by no means difficult; even for beginner sewers like myself. I made a few minor changes:

– The pattern calls for the same material front and back; I did different fabrics to add to the interest


– I put an eye on the back of the pillow as well; again for added interest and it means that it looks nice whichever way it is left by my little girl.

Blanket stitching around the six wings is time consuming but the pattern does give you other options (i.e. using your sewing machine and use a zig-zag stitch) but I thought the blanket stitch is nice as it adds a real sense that it is a hand crafted piece. I am half way through making a second one which I am going to gift to my god daughter for her upcoming christening and I wanted it to have a real sense that I had made it by hand, I think it adds to the meaning of the gift.


So that’s it for a week now, the family and I are off camping. When I get back I will make two pillow cases, one for each of my boys.



Too Many Things to Make…


I think I am losing the plot… I’ve got so many ideas of what I’d like to make running around in my head that I keep buying buying buying but can’t find time to actually sit down and sew so this morning I promised myself that I would get to it.

Yesterday I went back to my favourite shop; The Remnant Warehouse to pick up some beautiful designer fabric to make a few things. A pillow case for my baby boys cot, a tee for my little man (the one wearing my shorts I  made last month) and then for my little girl I had planned to make her a new pillow case but came across this gorgeous Hello Birdie Pattern by The Red Thread so decided on this instead – far more interesting than a rectangular pillow case, lets face it.

The Red Thread

Hello Birdie Pattern by The Red Thread

So with all the amazing fabrics in hand I went home and pre-shrunk all the material so I could get started this morning as promised. The lovely lady who served me at the shop told me that there was no need to wash the fabrics in the machine (which until now is exactly what I have been doing!) – she said it’s unnecessary and takes up too much time – she is also a mum so she understands the time frame we deal with…. or lack thereof! She told me that all you need to do is soak the fabric in some warm water for two minutes and then hang it up to dry. Amazing – it saved me sooo much time last night! (Those that know me know that I love a good tip, especially a time saver one!)

So here I am at the sewing machine about to start on the Hello Birdie pillow; I’m going to make two with the plan being to have at least one completed by the weekend.

Patterns = Heart Palpitations!!

Kwik Sew - mens night clothes

The boy shorts I made earlier this week was the first time I have ever used a pattern and it was surprisingly easy …. mind you there were only two pages to join together (I bought a digital pattern). I’ve heard horror stories of having to stick together over twenty pages which I don’t think I could cope with. One because I don’t have the patience (or the time) and two because I’m not interested in it if it’s too difficult. Not because I’m not up for a challenge but purely because I’m trying to teach myself to sew so it has to be quick and easy as oppose to slow and difficult so as not to become a chore; it should be fun.

My Dad is feeling a bit rejected of late because I haven’t offered to make him anything; personally I think making adult clothing is way beyond my current capabilities! He really wants a nightshirt… sounds very difficult but I thought if I could find a pattern without a collar and too many button holes maybe I could try and tackle it. Dad stopped asking my Mum a long time ago to make anything for him – he stuffed it when he put a lovely woollen dressing gown that Mum spent days sewing through the washing machine – against Mum’s instructions of course – and it shrunk so small it wouldn’t even fit my two year old! Poor Mum had spent ages making this lovely dressing gown (albeit in a poo brown fabric) with trim and all only to have Dad shrink it! So that was that – Mum said she’d never make him another thing. So Dad has now reverted to asking me…. I’m not sure that he realises just how amateur I am!!!

As always my attitude is the worse thing that can happen is that it’s a total disaster, which is a big possibility but I figure what the hell – let’s just give it a go. So I started to look for an online pattern…..

I found this great site www.sewingpatterns.com, they have a pattern for everything you could possibly think of plus more! I’ve ordered the pattern which has now been sent to me and now I have to sit down and work out:

1. How to join the pattern up

2. How much fabric is needed

I’m sitting here; it’s gone 9pm and I thought I’d look over the information and maybe start by trying to work out how much fabric I need and cutting out the templates but all I’ve done is give myself heart palpitations just reading all the info! It’s like reading Japanese!!! I have no idea what any of it really means, how are you suppose to learn this sort of stuff?? I think on the weekend I better take it to a fabric shop and get them to help me. They’ll probably think I’m crazy but I suppose I have to learn some how…. if anyone has any suggestions that could help feel free to pass them my way!

Tape and Measure



I got this great idea a few weeks ago to have some tags made to attach to my clothes I’m making for the kids.

A good friend of mine that makes gorgeous kids clothing suggested I contact Bags and Tags to have some made. I did and they were super helpful and today they arrived!

I’ve also ordered some other tags to attach to the side seam for a bit of added interest but they don’t arrive till later this week.


The Maxi

The Maxi

I have to say I was very surprised at just how wonderful this little dress turned out; I definitely underestimated my ability! I managed to make this dress with no pattern and no help from anyone…. amazing!  And I made it in two nights…. originally I thought it would take me about a week…. and no doubt next time I make her one I’ll be able to halve the time it takes to construct the garment.

I picked up this lovely fabric from Tessutis at Chatswood – it has some lovely fabrics; I know there are some people who often don’t shop there because they feel the fabric is a bit expensive but I am happy to spend a little bit more per meter if the fabric is special. This cost me $34/meter.

I learnt from my internet research that all a shirred dress is, is two large rectangles joined together. So all I did was measure my little girl from under the arm down to the ankle as I wanted to make her a maxi dress. (Don’t forget to add two centimetres for hemming). Then I measured her around the chest. With the chest measurement you need to double it to allow for the gathering to occur.

Anyway let me know what you think; and if anyone is interested in the exact details of what I did I am happy to post a tutorial for you to follow.

The next little project is to do something with jersey material…. I’ve been told an overlocker is the best machine to use for jersey – obviously being a beginner I don’t have but my Pfaff Ambition 1.0 does have an overlock stitch specifically for stretch material so I thought I’d try using that and see what happens…. watch this space!

The Maxi

Zipper Bag

The course that I am attending is just fantastic and this week we learnt how to make a zipper purse. I am going on holidays next month to the sun so I decided to make a slightly larger bag with waterproof lining so that I can put everyones wet swimmers in there and then throw the bag in the suitcase as we move from place to place. I just LOVE the fabric I sourced and I’m pretty thrilled with the final outcome. As for the zip – I didn’t realise that you could cut them!!! When I get a moment I’ll do a re-run on my own and see how it goes; I’ll make sure I take some photos so I can share it with everyone.

Zipper Case