To Quilt or Not to Quilt?

IMG_7903I’ve always thought quilting to be something that my Nan would do and up until the other day I had absolutely no interest in it what so ever. And lets face it you can only make so many quilts. We have four beds in our house, so to me that equates to four quilts. I know people who just sew quilt after quilt after quilt…. and end up giving the large majority of they hard earned work away. So to me it’s never really been of any great interest until I saw a lovely photo of a chevron patterned quilt and I thought “Perfect, just perfect” for my daughters new bedroom. We are planning to go for a white room with splashes of neon, or very bright colours.

So today I went to my favourite shop, The Remnant Warehouse and sourced these four colours which I plan to start this week. I’m going to make 80, 10 inch squares and then I have to admit I am going to pay someone to do the top stitching for me; I can’t think of anything more tedious than doing the final stitching part – it’s way too time consuming for me at this point in my life.

So the plan is to cut out the 80 squares this week and then get started on turning them into half square triangles…. ahhh I’m picking up on the quilting lingo already! Classic. Then next week I’ll work on finishing off the half square triangles and maybe even start to sew some lines together, time permitting.

Do you quilt?



At the end of last year my good friend and I decided that (1) we need more time to sew and (2) we need some time for us without the kids around so we came up with an idea…

We decided that once a month we would meet up for a days worth of sewing and a long, very long chat. So yesterday was day one of our get-togethers for 2014. We had such a nice day, (and very quiet without the kids I have to tell you!).
I picked up some lovely jersey material from Tessuti and made a modern version of the pillow case dress. It turned out so well! And it really was super easy to make, especially because I now have my overlocker to finish off all the edges nicely.
My girlfriend worked on some appliqué designs, oh and we also organised for our beautician to come over for some treatments just to top the day off.
So all in all it was a great day – can’t wait to do it again!





Camping leads to more material


Who would have thought that camping in the middle of no where would lead to me finding a very cute little sewing shop which then lead to a few little purchases! (I tried to hold myself back but I couldn’t help it).

On the first night of sleeping in the tent all five of us froze to death – it was 40 degrees during the day and then at night the temperature plummeted into single figures so that spurred me to go for a ‘quick’ trip into town in search of winter woollens which was a one and a half hour drive! A bit different to our two minute drive to the nearest shops in Sydney!

I found this cute little shop on a back street in the middle of Scone called Sew Scone. It has a lovely choice of fabrics, one in particular that I really liked was ‘Ring a Roses‘ by Gutermann. I also found a lovely textured floral print and bought a few meters of it to make a dress for my daughter (yes another dress…) and I thought I might attempt a top for myself… the same style that I would like to do in silk, so this can be the test run before I use expensive material just in case it’s a disaster!

I also came across this interesting thread which changes colour along the thread. I thought it was a bit of fun so I bought two of them in different colour ways and we’ll see what it looks like on my next little project.


Fabrics… My Idea of Heaven!

Image 1

Happy New Year! I’ve been laying low of late, what with Christmas festivities followed straight after with Boxing Day and then the New Year it’s been pretty busy at our house and really no time to sew.

For Christmas my wonderful husband gave me my very first overlocker. I was so excited I wanted to get it out and give it a go on Christmas morning but he didn’t realise that he needed to buy thread so I can actually use it…bless. So whilst I was away on holidays I got on line and sourced some lovely fabrics from eQuilter along with some overlocking threads and today it arrived in the post! Such lovely fabrics… this really is my idea of heaven. I just can’t wait to get started on lots of cute clothing for my kids.

Then from my Dad I was given a gift voucher to The Bronte Sewing Room which was very thoughtful. My Mum told me he came up with the idea all on his own, he then searched the internet for a suitable sewing course that he thought I would really like and found this! Love you Dad xxx. So I thought I would book myself into their adults sewing class and take along with me my pattern to make Dad a night shirt…. he’ll love it I’m sure.

So what with the night shirt for Dad plus all the cute clothes I have planned to make for the kids I think I’m going to be very busy for the next few months. Then finally once all that is done I am going to try working with silk; a tie for my husband and a shirt for my sister and me. This might be a little ambitious but I figure ‘What the heck, lets just give it a go’.

Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings! Hopefully a lot of success and very few disasters!

Happy NY.001

The Maxi

The Maxi

I have to say I was very surprised at just how wonderful this little dress turned out; I definitely underestimated my ability! I managed to make this dress with no pattern and no help from anyone…. amazing!  And I made it in two nights…. originally I thought it would take me about a week…. and no doubt next time I make her one I’ll be able to halve the time it takes to construct the garment.

I picked up this lovely fabric from Tessutis at Chatswood – it has some lovely fabrics; I know there are some people who often don’t shop there because they feel the fabric is a bit expensive but I am happy to spend a little bit more per meter if the fabric is special. This cost me $34/meter.

I learnt from my internet research that all a shirred dress is, is two large rectangles joined together. So all I did was measure my little girl from under the arm down to the ankle as I wanted to make her a maxi dress. (Don’t forget to add two centimetres for hemming). Then I measured her around the chest. With the chest measurement you need to double it to allow for the gathering to occur.

Anyway let me know what you think; and if anyone is interested in the exact details of what I did I am happy to post a tutorial for you to follow.

The next little project is to do something with jersey material…. I’ve been told an overlocker is the best machine to use for jersey – obviously being a beginner I don’t have but my Pfaff Ambition 1.0 does have an overlock stitch specifically for stretch material so I thought I’d try using that and see what happens…. watch this space!

The Maxi