Disaster Strikes!


This morning I was woken up to the words “Mummy it’s been cut”…

Remember this cute little maxi I made my daughter last year? It was the very first piece of clothing I ever made, in fact I think it was the second thing ever made after the basic pin cushion I made. Well this morning my little girl woke me up by telling me that ‘it’ had been cut. I looked at my husband and said, “What do you think that means!?”. I pulled myself out of bed and went down to the living room to find a pair of scissors and the maxi chopped in half beside it! My eldest son had grabbed the scissors from the draw and decided to hack the dress in half! And when I say hack I mean hack. There was no planning and execution; it was just destroyed!

I would have thought that my baby girl would have been devastated over the find but in fact she was uber cool about it and just said that now it was a lovely dress for her Big Ted – which then made me think that she, quite possibly may have had something to do with it. She’s a pretty clever little girl so it certainly wouldn’t surprise me if she told him to do it in the first place!

I’ve always believed that children should be exposed to the use of knives (minus big kitchen knives!) and scissors; it teaches them to handle them carefully and correctly and eradicates the want to use them as it’s not a forbidden item … until today this theory of mine has always worked very well – my three kids always handle scissors and knives with care and use them responsibly, we’ve never had a disaster until today….well I suppose it was always going to happen at some point and I’m grateful that it was the dress and not her hair!

So tonight I’m going to hem the now mini-maxi so that Big Ted can benefit from the dress from now on.




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