Camping leads to more material


Who would have thought that camping in the middle of no where would lead to me finding a very cute little sewing shop which then lead to a few little purchases! (I tried to hold myself back but I couldn’t help it).

On the first night of sleeping in the tent all five of us froze to death – it was 40 degrees during the day and then at night the temperature plummeted into single figures so that spurred me to go for a ‘quick’ trip into town in search of winter woollens which was a one and a half hour drive! A bit different to our two minute drive to the nearest shops in Sydney!

I found this cute little shop on a back street in the middle of Scone called Sew Scone. It has a lovely choice of fabrics, one in particular that I really liked was ‘Ring a Roses‘ by Gutermann. I also found a lovely textured floral print and bought a few meters of it to make a dress for my daughter (yes another dress…) and I thought I might attempt a top for myself… the same style that I would like to do in silk, so this can be the test run before I use expensive material just in case it’s a disaster!

I also came across this interesting thread which changes colour along the thread. I thought it was a bit of fun so I bought two of them in different colour ways and we’ll see what it looks like on my next little project.


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