Too Many Things to Make…


I think I am losing the plot… I’ve got so many ideas of what I’d like to make running around in my head that I keep buying buying buying but can’t find time to actually sit down and sew so this morning I promised myself that I would get to it.

Yesterday I went back to my favourite shop; The Remnant Warehouse to pick up some beautiful designer fabric to make a few things. A pillow case for my baby boys cot, a tee for my little man (the one wearing my shorts I  made last month) and then for my little girl I had planned to make her a new pillow case but came across this gorgeous Hello Birdie Pattern by The Red Thread so decided on this instead – far more interesting than a rectangular pillow case, lets face it.

The Red Thread

Hello Birdie Pattern by The Red Thread

So with all the amazing fabrics in hand I went home and pre-shrunk all the material so I could get started this morning as promised. The lovely lady who served me at the shop told me that there was no need to wash the fabrics in the machine (which until now is exactly what I have been doing!) – she said it’s unnecessary and takes up too much time – she is also a mum so she understands the time frame we deal with…. or lack thereof! She told me that all you need to do is soak the fabric in some warm water for two minutes and then hang it up to dry. Amazing – it saved me sooo much time last night! (Those that know me know that I love a good tip, especially a time saver one!)

So here I am at the sewing machine about to start on the Hello Birdie pillow; I’m going to make two with the plan being to have at least one completed by the weekend.

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