Camping leads to more material


Who would have thought that camping in the middle of no where would lead to me finding a very cute little sewing shop which then lead to a few little purchases! (I tried to hold myself back but I couldn’t help it).

On the first night of sleeping in the tent all five of us froze to death – it was 40 degrees during the day and then at night the temperature plummeted into single figures so that spurred me to go for a ‘quick’ trip into town in search of winter woollens which was a one and a half hour drive! A bit different to our two minute drive to the nearest shops in Sydney!

I found this cute little shop on a back street in the middle of Scone called Sew Scone. It has a lovely choice of fabrics, one in particular that I really liked was ‘Ring a Roses‘ by Gutermann. I also found a lovely textured floral print and bought a few meters of it to make a dress for my daughter (yes another dress…) and I thought I might attempt a top for myself… the same style that I would like to do in silk, so this can be the test run before I use expensive material just in case it’s a disaster!

I also came across this interesting thread which changes colour along the thread. I thought it was a bit of fun so I bought two of them in different colour ways and we’ll see what it looks like on my next little project.


Mission Accomplished

Finished! Just after midnight last night I managed to finally finish the Hello Birdie Pillow. I think it has come up very well – the pattern is very easy to understand, it’s by no means difficult; even for beginner sewers like myself. I made a few minor changes:

– The pattern calls for the same material front and back; I did different fabrics to add to the interest


– I put an eye on the back of the pillow as well; again for added interest and it means that it looks nice whichever way it is left by my little girl.

Blanket stitching around the six wings is time consuming but the pattern does give you other options (i.e. using your sewing machine and use a zig-zag stitch) but I thought the blanket stitch is nice as it adds a real sense that it is a hand crafted piece. I am half way through making a second one which I am going to gift to my god daughter for her upcoming christening and I wanted it to have a real sense that I had made it by hand, I think it adds to the meaning of the gift.


So that’s it for a week now, the family and I are off camping. When I get back I will make two pillow cases, one for each of my boys.



Pillow Talk


So far so good! I can’t believe I’ve managed to get half way through this with not one issue! There is hope for me after all.

I think the Hello Birdie pillows are starting to look really fantastic. I’ve cut out both front and back pieces, cut out six wings for each pillow and placed them using fusible web. Now I have to blanket stitch the edges… I have to admit that I had to look up on the web how to blanket stitch; it’s really very easy so that’s the job for tomorrow: get all the wings stitched. At this rate I will have the two birds completed before the weekend is over! 

Too Many Things to Make…


I think I am losing the plot… I’ve got so many ideas of what I’d like to make running around in my head that I keep buying buying buying but can’t find time to actually sit down and sew so this morning I promised myself that I would get to it.

Yesterday I went back to my favourite shop; The Remnant Warehouse to pick up some beautiful designer fabric to make a few things. A pillow case for my baby boys cot, a tee for my little man (the one wearing my shorts I  made last month) and then for my little girl I had planned to make her a new pillow case but came across this gorgeous Hello Birdie Pattern by The Red Thread so decided on this instead – far more interesting than a rectangular pillow case, lets face it.

The Red Thread

Hello Birdie Pattern by The Red Thread

So with all the amazing fabrics in hand I went home and pre-shrunk all the material so I could get started this morning as promised. The lovely lady who served me at the shop told me that there was no need to wash the fabrics in the machine (which until now is exactly what I have been doing!) – she said it’s unnecessary and takes up too much time – she is also a mum so she understands the time frame we deal with…. or lack thereof! She told me that all you need to do is soak the fabric in some warm water for two minutes and then hang it up to dry. Amazing – it saved me sooo much time last night! (Those that know me know that I love a good tip, especially a time saver one!)

So here I am at the sewing machine about to start on the Hello Birdie pillow; I’m going to make two with the plan being to have at least one completed by the weekend.

Fabrics… My Idea of Heaven!

Image 1

Happy New Year! I’ve been laying low of late, what with Christmas festivities followed straight after with Boxing Day and then the New Year it’s been pretty busy at our house and really no time to sew.

For Christmas my wonderful husband gave me my very first overlocker. I was so excited I wanted to get it out and give it a go on Christmas morning but he didn’t realise that he needed to buy thread so I can actually use it…bless. So whilst I was away on holidays I got on line and sourced some lovely fabrics from eQuilter along with some overlocking threads and today it arrived in the post! Such lovely fabrics… this really is my idea of heaven. I just can’t wait to get started on lots of cute clothing for my kids.

Then from my Dad I was given a gift voucher to The Bronte Sewing Room which was very thoughtful. My Mum told me he came up with the idea all on his own, he then searched the internet for a suitable sewing course that he thought I would really like and found this! Love you Dad xxx. So I thought I would book myself into their adults sewing class and take along with me my pattern to make Dad a night shirt…. he’ll love it I’m sure.

So what with the night shirt for Dad plus all the cute clothes I have planned to make for the kids I think I’m going to be very busy for the next few months. Then finally once all that is done I am going to try working with silk; a tie for my husband and a shirt for my sister and me. This might be a little ambitious but I figure ‘What the heck, lets just give it a go’.

Can’t wait to see what 2014 brings! Hopefully a lot of success and very few disasters!

Happy NY.001