Patterns = Heart Palpitations!!

Kwik Sew - mens night clothes

The boy shorts I made earlier this week was the first time I have ever used a pattern and it was surprisingly easy …. mind you there were only two pages to join together (I bought a digital pattern). I’ve heard horror stories of having to stick together over twenty pages which I don’t think I could cope with. One because I don’t have the patience (or the time) and two because I’m not interested in it if it’s too difficult. Not because I’m not up for a challenge but purely because I’m trying to teach myself to sew so it has to be quick and easy as oppose to slow and difficult so as not to become a chore; it should be fun.

My Dad is feeling a bit rejected of late because I haven’t offered to make him anything; personally I think making adult clothing is way beyond my current capabilities! He really wants a nightshirt… sounds very difficult but I thought if I could find a pattern without a collar and too many button holes maybe I could try and tackle it. Dad stopped asking my Mum a long time ago to make anything for him – he stuffed it when he put a lovely woollen dressing gown that Mum spent days sewing through the washing machine – against Mum’s instructions of course – and it shrunk so small it wouldn’t even fit my two year old! Poor Mum had spent ages making this lovely dressing gown (albeit in a poo brown fabric) with trim and all only to have Dad shrink it! So that was that – Mum said she’d never make him another thing. So Dad has now reverted to asking me…. I’m not sure that he realises just how amateur I am!!!

As always my attitude is the worse thing that can happen is that it’s a total disaster, which is a big possibility but I figure what the hell – let’s just give it a go. So I started to look for an online pattern…..

I found this great site, they have a pattern for everything you could possibly think of plus more! I’ve ordered the pattern which has now been sent to me and now I have to sit down and work out:

1. How to join the pattern up

2. How much fabric is needed

I’m sitting here; it’s gone 9pm and I thought I’d look over the information and maybe start by trying to work out how much fabric I need and cutting out the templates but all I’ve done is give myself heart palpitations just reading all the info! It’s like reading Japanese!!! I have no idea what any of it really means, how are you suppose to learn this sort of stuff?? I think on the weekend I better take it to a fabric shop and get them to help me. They’ll probably think I’m crazy but I suppose I have to learn some how…. if anyone has any suggestions that could help feel free to pass them my way!

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