Oh I’m so frustrated!!!!

The plan for this evening was to sit down and make a little pouch for my son (like this one I made a few months ago) in this wonderful old fashion car print that I bought and then start on a flower shaped handbag for my daughter but I’ve just hit one issue after the next! Firstly  I couldn’t pick up the bobbin thread – I don’t know what the problem was… I pulled out the manual to double check everything was perfect (which it was) so I pulled the thread and bobbin out and re-did it three times, finally it just decided to work – god knows what was wrong. I’ve got half way through the car pouch and now I can’t get the machine to move the fabric along so the needle is just making stitches one over the top of the other….. I’ve been sitting here for over an hour trying to work out what the problem is and I just can’t so I think I’m going to have to call the place I purchased my machine from tomorrow to see if they can shed some light on the issue.

This is the first time I’ve  come up against a problem I haven’t been able to work out. It’s a funny place to be because I don’t really know what to do once the manual can’t help me anymore! I’m so disappointed; I really wanted to be able to give the little pouch to my son when he woke up in the morning….. oh well – not much I can do about it.

Here’s hoping I can have it sorted out tomorrow (some how) and post a photo shortly!

I suppose it can’t always be smooth sailing – especially when I’m just learning.

One thought on “Frustration!

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