Patterns = Heart Palpitations!!

Kwik Sew - mens night clothes

The boy shorts I made earlier this week was the first time I have ever used a pattern and it was surprisingly easy …. mind you there were only two pages to join together (I bought a digital pattern). I’ve heard horror stories of having to stick together over twenty pages which I don’t think I could cope with. One because I don’t have the patience (or the time) and two because I’m not interested in it if it’s too difficult. Not because I’m not up for a challenge but purely because I’m trying to teach myself to sew so it has to be quick and easy as oppose to slow and difficult so as not to become a chore; it should be fun.

My Dad is feeling a bit rejected of late because I haven’t offered to make him anything; personally I think making adult clothing is way beyond my current capabilities! He really wants a nightshirt… sounds very difficult but I thought if I could find a pattern without a collar and too many button holes maybe I could try and tackle it. Dad stopped asking my Mum a long time ago to make anything for him – he stuffed it when he put a lovely woollen dressing gown that Mum spent days sewing through the washing machine – against Mum’s instructions of course – and it shrunk so small it wouldn’t even fit my two year old! Poor Mum had spent ages making this lovely dressing gown (albeit in a poo brown fabric) with trim and all only to have Dad shrink it! So that was that – Mum said she’d never make him another thing. So Dad has now reverted to asking me…. I’m not sure that he realises just how amateur I am!!!

As always my attitude is the worse thing that can happen is that it’s a total disaster, which is a big possibility but I figure what the hell – let’s just give it a go. So I started to look for an online pattern…..

I found this great site, they have a pattern for everything you could possibly think of plus more! I’ve ordered the pattern which has now been sent to me and now I have to sit down and work out:

1. How to join the pattern up

2. How much fabric is needed

I’m sitting here; it’s gone 9pm and I thought I’d look over the information and maybe start by trying to work out how much fabric I need and cutting out the templates but all I’ve done is give myself heart palpitations just reading all the info! It’s like reading Japanese!!! I have no idea what any of it really means, how are you suppose to learn this sort of stuff?? I think on the weekend I better take it to a fabric shop and get them to help me. They’ll probably think I’m crazy but I suppose I have to learn some how…. if anyone has any suggestions that could help feel free to pass them my way!

Tape and Measure

Boy Shorts

Boy shorts

Wow! Success! Thank god after a few disasters in the past week….(the wedding garter and then the pouch).

For the first time I have used a pattern; and it was a digital pattern! I didn’t realise that you don’t have to go into a store, flip through hundreds of pages from pattern books until you decide on the pattern, then go to the checkout and purchase it, get it home and then start cutting it up, just like my mother used to do when I was a child. I used to get so bored sitting in those haberdashery shops for hours on end waiting for her to find the perfect pattern for her next outfit. Now all you need to do is download them from the net! So I picked up this super cute short pattern from Dana’s website MADE for only US$6.00; I used her KID SHORTS pattern – it was super easy and I’ve finished them already – complete with pockets as well.


There are no fabric shops close by to where I live so it requires getting my three kids in the car and dragging them to the shop, hoping (and praying) that they actually behave so I needed to find an alternative! So, the alternative is to walk up the road to the local Salvo’s and pick up some second hand t-shirts and shirts. For these shorts I picked up a large mens seersucker short sleeved shirt and I think it has worked out really well. There’s enough fabric left to make another pair and the shirt cost me AUD$4.00!


This was a really easy pattern to follow so I can highly recommend it to anyone wanting something easy to sew. In the pattern there are a number of different styles so your US$6.00 goes a very long way! With the pockets I have them lined in red which adds a bit of interest as you can see a bit of the red on the edging of the pockets. I also added my new labels to them which was a bit of fun…and it makes them look a lot less home made which is always nice.                                                            IMG_7032

My little man is pretty pleased with himself in his new shorts! He has already put in an order for another pair – in navy I’ve been told. I’ll try and get a second pair done before the weekend. You really will be surprised how easy they are to whip up!






Oh I’m so frustrated!!!!

The plan for this evening was to sit down and make a little pouch for my son (like this one I made a few months ago) in this wonderful old fashion car print that I bought and then start on a flower shaped handbag for my daughter but I’ve just hit one issue after the next! Firstly  I couldn’t pick up the bobbin thread – I don’t know what the problem was… I pulled out the manual to double check everything was perfect (which it was) so I pulled the thread and bobbin out and re-did it three times, finally it just decided to work – god knows what was wrong. I’ve got half way through the car pouch and now I can’t get the machine to move the fabric along so the needle is just making stitches one over the top of the other….. I’ve been sitting here for over an hour trying to work out what the problem is and I just can’t so I think I’m going to have to call the place I purchased my machine from tomorrow to see if they can shed some light on the issue.

This is the first time I’ve  come up against a problem I haven’t been able to work out. It’s a funny place to be because I don’t really know what to do once the manual can’t help me anymore! I’m so disappointed; I really wanted to be able to give the little pouch to my son when he woke up in the morning….. oh well – not much I can do about it.

Here’s hoping I can have it sorted out tomorrow (some how) and post a photo shortly!

I suppose it can’t always be smooth sailing – especially when I’m just learning.