The Wedding Garter…. Disaster!


Oh dear! I have a disaster on my hands! My sister gave me the task of making a garter for her wedding day (which is tomorrow!!!!).

She bought a few bits & pieces from Lindcraft (all blue to cover off the ‘something blue’ thing). So she gave me them and asked me to make her a garter…. I measured her thigh and got to work. When I finished it I was so proud of what I’d made, (because it looked so pretty) but then realised that I’d somehow sewn out all of the stretch in the elastic so there is no way that my sister will ever be able to keep it on her thigh!

The bad part is that because I had finished it I had cut all the lace so I couldn’t fix it (unless I went back to Lindcraft, bought all the stuff and started all over again – which I wasn’t about to do!!!!).

Oh well, I can’t always have a win…if my BFF ever walks the aisle I’ll give it another go.


(Sewing the elastic to the lace – this is where I completely stuffed up! Oh well…)

4 thoughts on “The Wedding Garter…. Disaster!

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  2. Oh no! It does look beautiful Pep.

    If you get shearing elastic (I think that’s what it’s called) thin enough to thread into a largish needle, or maybe the machine will take it (?) you can sew that into it in two rows and that should do the trick, but won’t look as pretty as it does now.

    Have fun tomorrow! x

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