The Wedding Tasks


My sister gets married this Saturday and I have been given the daunting task of sewing 40 meters of bunting and the garter! I was quite surprised my sister even wanted a garter but she seems pretty hell bent on having one; she picked up a few bits and pieces at Lindcraft for me to put together so here’s hoping I can achieve what she is after! Should be a bit of fun!

Unlike my previous attempt at making bunting this time I am just doing it with a single piece of fabric and using pinking shears instead of sewing the edges and turning each flag inside out. Pinking shears are great to help prevent fabric from fraying and when you are making bunting on mass this is a lot easier and quicker than doing it the other way.

My mum was taught how to sew as a child at school, in those days I think it was compulsory for all young girls to learn to sew (amongst other sexist things like cooking) so she has a pair of pinking shears from when she was about six years of age…. she very kindly handed them to me the other day when she found out about my latest wedding task – they are even in their original box with the original name tag on them. I gave them a bit of a test run but they are actually quite short (5.5 cm) so it means a lot of cutting per flag so I ended up picking up a pair from IKEA for ten dollars and they are 3cm longer which makes the world of difference – the quality is no where near as nice but they both do the same job.

1. What you will need

– Twill tape; I am using 40 meters of tape

– Fabric for the flags; heavier weighted fabric works better – it makes the flags sturdier. I’m using linen from IKEA for this project.

– Stanley knife & quilt cutter

– A thick piece of cardboard

– Ruler & cutting board

– Tape measure

– Cutting board

– Marking pencil

– Pins

– Pinking shears

2. Instructions

1. The first step is to work out what size and shape flag you want. My sister is after a standard flag shape, 14cm wide (but you might want to do a scallop shape, a square, a heart etc).

Start with a square piece of cardboard, cut it to the correct height; in my case 16 cm. Now cut it to the correct wide; 14 cm. You should now see a perfect rectangle. On the bottom of the rectangle mark out the half way point; 7cm. Using a ruler and a stanley knife cut from the top corners down to the center point and then you will have a perfect triangle/flag template

2. You now need to work out how many flags you need. My sister wants each flag to be placed 6cm apart and she wants 40m (4000 cm) of bunting. Each flag is 14cm wide so every repeat is 20cm (6 cm + 14 cm = 20 cm). You then divide the total length into the repeat figure; 4000 cm ÷ 20 cm = 200.(God have I just totally confused you?!?!). So I need to prepare 200 flags! My god I wasn’t expecting it to be quite that many! What the hell have I signed up to do hear?!?!

So using your cutting board and quilting cutter, cut the fabric into strips the same measurement as the height of the flags; 16 cm. Then use your template to mark out the triangle shapes, pick up your pinking shears and start cutting!

4. Now start cutting! I have to cut 200 flags so this takes some time!!!

5. Fold the twill tape in half and press it with an iron.


6. Place the flags in between the twill tape and pin in place.


7. Sew along the twill tape from one end to the other – this will then secure the flags in place.


And there you have it – 40 meters of bunting for my sisters wedding day. I’ll make sure I post a photo once it’s in situ! As for the garter – I’ll get onto this in the morning and come back to you about it.


P.S. Can you see the little tag with my logo on it? They were delivered earlier this week – I love them! Couldn’t resist adding my little touch to the bunting – hopefully the bride won’t mind!

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