Virgin Jersey


I picked up some fun jersey (or stretch) material the other weekend when I went to the Southern Highlands. At the Bong Bong Race Track there was a big sign saying ‘FABRIC SALE’ so I thought “Great, lets get the kids home and get back here”.

So half and hour later I was back at Bong Bong sorting through masses and masses of fabrics. It turns out a lovely old lady had hoarded fabric for the last fifty years and she was about to down-size to a smaller home so it all needed to go. Anyway I found this cute daisy print but it was in jersey –  so I thought well I’m still a virgin when it comes to jersey and there’s no time like the present so why not give it a go!

I’m using this great tutorial by Dana to guide me in the right direction. Everyone says that working with jersey is quite tricky but if you read what Dana says she says it’s really not that difficult at all – so here goes! I figure what have I got to lose? The worse thing that can happen is that it’s a disaster and it gets turned into bunting.

I’ve decided to just do a single layered skirt for my first attempt – if it’s a success I’ll try the double layered skirt that Dana has on her site.

The first step is to measure my daughter, then cut the fabric and start sewing it together, trim the bottom with some bias tape, (this part isn’t necessary but it just adds a bit more interest to a very simple skirt), add the elastic waist band and it should be done!

I’m really quite pleased how it has turned out. Just like the Maxi I did the other day I didn’t use a pattern as there was no real need. I even made my own bias binding which was a bit of fun and meant that I could trim the hem in what ever fabric I wanted. My daughter was thrilled with the result and has been wearing it ever since I made it! There’s a real sense of achievement when you have a happy customer!



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