The Maxi

The Maxi

I have to say I was very surprised at just how wonderful this little dress turned out; I definitely underestimated my ability! I managed to make this dress with no pattern and no help from anyone…. amazing!  And I made it in two nights…. originally I thought it would take me about a week…. and no doubt next time I make her one I’ll be able to halve the time it takes to construct the garment.

I picked up this lovely fabric from Tessutis at Chatswood – it has some lovely fabrics; I know there are some people who often don’t shop there because they feel the fabric is a bit expensive but I am happy to spend a little bit more per meter if the fabric is special. This cost me $34/meter.

I learnt from my internet research that all a shirred dress is, is two large rectangles joined together. So all I did was measure my little girl from under the arm down to the ankle as I wanted to make her a maxi dress. (Don’t forget to add two centimetres for hemming). Then I measured her around the chest. With the chest measurement you need to double it to allow for the gathering to occur.

Anyway let me know what you think; and if anyone is interested in the exact details of what I did I am happy to post a tutorial for you to follow.

The next little project is to do something with jersey material…. I’ve been told an overlocker is the best machine to use for jersey – obviously being a beginner I don’t have but my Pfaff Ambition 1.0 does have an overlock stitch specifically for stretch material so I thought I’d try using that and see what happens…. watch this space!

The Maxi

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