Sewing Paper


The house is a complete disaster; what I should really be doing right now is getting the house in order but I’ve decided I need some time-out so I’m just going to leave it for the moment to try something new on my machine.

An update on my last idea; sewing my husbands initials on one of his good shirts didn’t work out. I worked out how to do it on the machine and did a few test runs on a scrap piece of fabric. The quality wasn’t good enough so I decided to just leave it. I have used the machine feature though to name the kids clothing and cot sheets for daycare which is really handy; no more iron on name tags that keep falling off!

Anyway back to todays little idea. As a kid one of my favourite books was Milly Molly Mandy by Joyce Lankester Brisley. My Mum very kindly kept the book so I could hand it down to my kids which I did but they have now destroyed it so I thought maybe I could make something with the pages by sewing the paper with my machine – I figured it would at least be worth trying ….. so here’s my crafty little idea that came up quite nicely I think.

1. What You Will Need

– Pair of scissors

– Piece of paper or cardboard

– Double sided tape

– Paper clip or dog clip

– Old book

– Nice colourful paper; I’ve chosen a scrapbooking piece of paper that I picked up at Eckersleys

– Box frame; you can find them cheap at IKEA

2. Instructions

– Cut out a heart on the cardboard or plain piece of paper (I just used a piece of paper). This will be your heart template so that all the hearts are the same size and shape.

– Take out four pages from your book and clip it together with a dog clip so that the pages stay together when you start to cut.

Trace & Cut

– Place the heart shape on the top of the pages and cut around it. Repeat this three times.


– Now repeat the step above but this time do it with the colourful paper you have chosen.

– Using your sewing machine and some extra spare pages from the book test the tension of the machine on the paper. I had a tension of 3 which worked perfectly.

Check tension

– Once you are happy with the tension sew down the centre of heart. Repeat this four times.

Hearts sewn

– Put some double sided tape on the back of each heart bundle and then stick to the backing board of the frame. (Originally I attached the hearts to a white piece of paper that just came with the box frame but after hanging it I decided it was a bit dull so I replaced the paper with some more lovely scrapbooking paper).

Double sided tape

– Close up the frame and you’re done! Easy!


When I was discussing my idea with a few friends that sew they all said that you couldn’t sew on paper; well ladies I can tell you now that you can… and it’s very easy too! You should give it a try. I think all up it took me about 20 minutes to make and would make a lovely gift for my daughters friends… we have a party to go to this weekend so I might just sit down now and make up a second one to take as a gift to the party.

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