I’m Back at the Machine

Well I’ve finally arrived home from over a months holiday in Italy, a truly wonderful experience to be able to take so much time off with all of my family (yes three children now 4 years and under in tow!). Before I left I had thought that I would post a blog at least once a week on something interesting I would find on my travels; lets face it I was going to one of the fashion hubs of the world… but I was surprised by the lack of content along the way until I arrived for our final day in Milan and stumbled across this very strange sculpture outside a tram stop in the centre of the city….. I just had enough time to get a quick snap before my tram came so I sat down today and had a look on the net what it was all about.


It’s called ‘Needle, Thread & Knot’ or in Italian, ‘Ago, Filo e Nodo’ by¬†Claes Oldenburg (a Swed) and Coosje van Bruggen (a Dutchman). It is located outside the Cardona Rail Station where the Ferrovie Nord railway system meets with the city centre. The needle and thread represent Milan’s work in the fashion industry while the tri-coloured thread represents the three colours of Milan’s metro system. I thought it was an odd sculpture but rather fitting for my current interest in the word of sewing!

Later that same day, whilst spending precious time with our lovely Milanese friends Francesca and Mauro, I noticed a tiny little stitching of ML on Mauro’s shirt, sort of half way down on the right hand side…. I figured it must have been some sort of fancy brand I had no idea about. Anyhow I racked my brain for hours trying to think what it could be, finally I asked him and he laughed – it was his initials. He then went on to tell me that in big Italian families it’s common practice to sew the initials of each child on their shirts so you can decipher who’s shirt is who’s…. makes sense right?!?! Well many trendy Italian men to this day still do this, more as a fashion statement though. I liked it – I thought it was pretty quirky really.


(You have to look pretty closely at this photo but you can just see it on the right hand side about half way down the shirt)


I remember reading that my machine has the capability of sewing letters so I might just steal a shirt from my husbands wardrobe later this week and sew his initials on it in a random place and see what he thinks when he goes to wear it next…. what’s the worse thing that can happen? He hates it and I have to quickly unpick it as we are in the taxi on the way out for dinner one night! Oh, he’ll probably kill me but who cares; it’s all in the name of this great new hobby I’ve found so he can’t get that cross can he??

I’ll report back in when I give it a go!!

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