Simple Pin Cushion


Pins, god they hurt when you jab yourself with them – in my very long sewing career of about 15 days I have gabbed myself one too many times and I’m sick of it.  I’ve decided to get rid of the silly cardboard box I have my pins kept in and replace it with a pin cushion. I figure it can’t be too hard to make a pin cushion, it’ll be quite like the bunting flags I did this week, sew up two pieces of fabric, turn it inside out, push out the corners, stuff it with some wool and then finish it off. (Let’s just hope it’s as easy as I make it sound!)

1. What you will need

– Two pieces of square fabric; I am using two different patterns for a bit of added interest

– Some stuffing that you can buy at a haberdashery shop (or raw rice or cotton wool balls work too; I’m using cotton wool balls)

– Something to push out the corners (a chopstick will do) but I used a point turner. Personally I think a chopstick or the end of the scissors does just as good a job if not better

– Pair of scissors or Stanley knife

2. Instructions

– Decide on the size of the cushion you would like. I am going to make mine 10cm x 10cm so this means I need to cut a square 12cm x 12 cm to allow for a 1cm seam on each side of the fabric.

– Cut the fabric to size making sure you have right angle corners. I believe you can purchase some sort of cutting mat that helps you with this but I am yet to learn about that…. that’s a job for another day – I think quilters use these boards frequently….

Measure up

– Place the right sides of the fabric together and pin.


– Start sewing just off center of one side and sew right around the square finishing just off center on the other side (see photo below).


Look at top of fabric, you can see that I have sewn and around the outside and left a bit in the middle in order to flip the fabric inside out

– Stop when you get 1cm off the end of the fabric. Make sure you leave the needle in the fabric, then lift the foot, pivot the fabric, put the foot back down and continue sewing. (You need to do this at ever corner).


– Carefully cut each corner on an angle. This helps to get a good corner when you push the fabric inside out.


– Now trim the edges off; I am cutting mine 0.5cm in from the outside.

– Turn the fabric inside out and push out the corners using a point turner/chopstick/end of your scissors (whatever you have at hand)


– Iron the cushion so the material sits flat.

– Fill the cushion with stuffing (I am using cotton wool balls).


– Pin the hole up

– To sew up the hole you have two options:

i. Use your machine to sew from one end of the side to the other (this is the easy option but won’t have the nicest finish)

ii. Carefully sew up the hole by hand, picking up as little of the fabric as possible so that the stitching is almost invisible.


Hello cushion, bye bye pricks! My very first pin cushion successfully completed – gee I’m doing ok in the sewing department so far! My first two attempts at sewing something have actually worked; here’s hoping that continues but I have a sneaky suspicion that I won’t be so lucky!


One thought on “Simple Pin Cushion

  1. Love your pin cushion Peppi.
    You make it look so easy too !
    Thank you for the easy to follow instructions. I whipped one up this morning. Great fun! x

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