What now?!?

I’ve had my new Phaff Ambition sitting on my work desk now for a few days, I look at it every time I go into the study and wonder ‘What the hell now?!?’.

Exactly where does one start when one has no idea what to do with such a machine? I’ve decided today that I am going to sit down and try and teach myself how to at least thread the thing so that I can give myself even the slightest chance of being able to sew something. I figure the best bet is to open up the manual and see if it gives good enough step-by-step instructions on what one needs to do in order to get the machine ready to start sewing.

Finally once I get my head around all the new jargon I realise it’s really not that difficult at all. The machine looks so much more complicated that what it really is. The manual provides great instructions and before I knew it I had the machine threaded (bobbin and all) in no time.

The few people I knew that can actually sew have told me to just play around on the machine a bit; meaning get some off cuts and attempt to sew in a straight line, sew around a bend and even turn a corner. I decide to hell with that; let’s just get sewing straight away!!!! I’m far from afraid of making mistakes, I figure if I make a mistake I can either unpick the work or just buy some more fabric and start all over again.

I decide that I’ll give bunting a try…. I’ve absolutely no idea how to do it but I figure if I go to a fabric shop and ask for some instructions no doubt someone will be able to help. I’ve been told bunting is Sewing 101.

Off to the fabric shop I go!!!


4 thoughts on “What now?!?

    • Thanks but that’s just a photo I pulled off the internet. I’ve been to the fabric shop today and sourced my material, I’ll get sewing tomorrow and show you what it looks like over the weekend!

  1. I admire your ambition! If you want to learn to sew you may want to follow along my tutorials on teaching your children to sew. These can be used to teach yourself to sew. Half the battle is not being afraid to try. You have already mastered that. Good luck on your new endeavor.

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