The Beginning…

I know some of my friends think I’m crazy; starting a blog that is, with three kids three years and under, a husband that works six days and four nights a week and trying to work part time on top of all this….. But since the birth of my first child I have become very aware of the huge network of mothers out there that I wanted to become a part of. For the last three years I have been umming and arrhing on what I could do. I’ve seriously considered starting up a children’s clothing brand and taken steps in the right direction to get it up and running but when I sit down and really analyze the situation I keep coming back to the realization that at this point in my life I probably just don’t have enough time to really give it my all. Then there was the thought of a blog – ‘That seems like a bit of fun’ I kept thinking but what the hell would I talk about? I don’t really want to talk about my kids all day everyday – I see/live/breath them every minute of the day until 7pm comes around (ok sometimes this blows out to 8pm) and they all finally fall asleep – I need a break from them, I need to do something for me, something that I get a lot of enjoyment from.

For the past ten or so years I have wanted to learn to sew, more than just sewing on a button and taking up a hem. It’s been a secret goal that I’ve never really shared with anyone. I want to be able to make myself clothes that fit, make gifts for my best friends with love and of course groovy, edgy clothes for my own kids. So finally, after ten years I ventured off to Chatswood Sewing Centre and enquired about the purchase of a sewing machine. An hour later I walked out of the shop having purchased a Phaff Ambition 1.0. I decided (with the absolute bare minimum prior knowledge) that this was a good middle of the range machine that I wouldn’t grow out of for several years, but with the understanding that I’d be back before the end of the year for my second big purchase; an overlocker (unless my Mum wants to pass hers onto me – hint hint!).

This is my first sewing machine!

This is my first sewing machine!

So here I am, sitting, staring at this machine thinking ‘Now what?!?!’. It’s daunting – I’ve never sewed in my life, I’ve spent many a time watching my very clever mother sew up all sorts of wonderful things but I’ve never sat behind the machine and given it a go.

Where to start? What to do? How the hell do I even thread this thing!

Wish me luck!!!

4 thoughts on “The Beginning…

  1. Well done Peppi, putting your passion into practise is so exciting.
    My mother was an amazing sewer aswell, I could ask her at anytime to whip me up whatever and there it was! Unfortunately she’s not with me anymore but her machines are, do you think I have any idea how to use them.
    So last year I looked into some beginners classes …………..
    Maybe next year ………
    Can’t wait to hear how you get on,
    Kirsten x

  2. Pep, you’re absolutely amazing….well done! So many people have a special desire to do something different but either don’t have the courage or never bother to do anything about it…or both! So good on you, I sure can’t share any sewing gems with you, but just enjoy yourself!

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